Who We Are

Our Story

When Marcus Burhan Falay started Fairy Chimneys Travel back in 2001, the world needed local experts to introduce a destination – limited internet, no Facebook, no Instagram, no YouTube!

Today, it is no different! You still need local experts to show you the way no matter how many stories you see, how many photos or videos you watch. Fairy Chimneys is still the “go to” travel company for local knowledge and expert advice, unmatched tour itineraries and competitive value for money trips.

First as a retail travel agency, through word of mouth our brand has become Turkiye specialist in no time. In 2010 we created our tour operator brand and published our first exclusive Turkiye brochure. Same year, we established our first Turkiye Office in Cappadocia and managed all tours inhouse. Guides, tour drivers, hotel contracts have been made directly by our very own brand since, unlike many others who contract to local companies on the ground. We are with you all the way!

Yes, we survived Covid-19. Only came out stronger, more enthusiastic about our business model and still offer the same old school customer service. Our method is simple. We care!

We were busy during Covid-19 building our own custom booking system, client and agency portals, local office supplier portal and developing our mobile app. Adding more technology to our existing and strong business model, our mission is: Offering most flexible trips, with the quickest response time, at affordable rates to every customer. By touching their life, crafting their dreams into travel, with a new destination every time!

We did a small makeover in 2023, modified our logo and added a few more amazing destinations to our profile. In addition to Turkiye, we offer you the very best in custom design trips in the World’s oldest and culturally richest regions.

Step into the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, be amazed by ancient Egypt, ride a camel in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, wander around the very best of Greek and Roman ruins of Asia Minor, visit the Grand architectures and palaces of the Great Ottoman Empire, float over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia or witness timeless Istanbul, once Constantinople and the greatest city in the world, spanning across continents. We have you covered!

With Turkish origins, Australian Owned family business, we are travellers too. Exploring the world around us, we search for intimate journeys into the heart of a country with delicious food, charming hospitality, and landscapes that are a wonder to behold.