Dolmabache Palace as seen from the Bosphorus on a Bosphorus tour

Dolmabache Palace as seen from the water on a Bosphorus tour. The Bosphorus divides Istanbul making Istanbul the only city to span two continents, Europe and Asia.

The Bosphorus

The Istanbul Strait has drawn and fascinated travellers since for centuries. Ancient mariners traversed its sapphire waters that, today mark part of the boundary between Europe and Asia.

Also known as the Bosphorus, the Istanbul Strait offers tourists magnificent vistas along the rugged Turkey coastline.

The world’s narrowest waterway still in use for international navigation, you’ll find the Istanbul Strait dotted with centres from quaint country villages to the thriving city of Istanbul.

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The unique Istanbul Strait environment

Wide beaches of Kilyos at European side of Black Sea at 25th km. outside the Istanbul, is attracting Istanbul residents during summer months. Belgrad Forest, inside from Black Sea, at European Side is the widest forest around Istanbul. Istanbul residents, at week ends, come here for family picnic with brazier at its shadows. 7 old water tank and some natural resources in the region compose a different atmosphere. Moğlova Aqueduct, which is constructed by Mimar Sinan during 16th century among Ottoman aqueducts, is the greatest one. 800 m. long Sultan Süleyman Aqueduct, which is passing over Golf Club, and also a piece of art of Mimar Sinan is one of the longest aqueducts within Turkey.

Polonezköy, which is 25 km. away from Istanbul, is founded at Asia coast during 19th century by Polish immigrants. Polonezköy, for walking in village atmosphere, travels by horse, and tasting traditional Polish meals served by relatives of initial settlers, is the resort point of Istanbul residents. Beaches, restaurants and hotels of Şile at Black Sea coast and 70 km. away from Üsküdar, are turning this place into one of the most cute holiday places of Istanbul. Region which is popular in connection with tourism, is the place where famous Şile cloth is produced.

Bayramoğlu - Darıca Bird Paradise and Botanic Park is a unique resort place 38 km. away from Istanbul. This gargantuan park with its trekking roads, restaurants is full of bird species and plants, coming from various parts of the world.