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Morocco is a land of contrasts. It is where Africa meets Europe and the Middle East sprinkles in its own flavor. Considered a moderate Islamic state, Morocco opens its doors to everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or political status. From ancient philosophers, travelers and mystics to Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix, Morocco has hosted and gently seduced many a visitor. From the wild markets of Marrakech to the snowy peaks of the Atlas, or from the silence of the Sahara to the pristine beaches of the Atlantic, Morocco is a fascinatingly diverse and exciting destination. Our journey combines the best of everything : cities, villages, mountains, deserts, the coast, music, food and shops, plus opportunities to perform community service and take part in unique adventure activities along the way! Expect plenty of interaction with the friendly Berber tribespeople of North Africa : learn their unique drumming, practice their language and taste their succulent food. We´ll fill your week with a lifetime of indelible, magical experiences.

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