Kursunlu Waterfalls Antalya, private tour

The Kurşunlu Waterfall is located 19 km from Antalya, Turkey. It is reduced to a mere trickle in the summer months. The countryside around the water forms a lovely picnic and pleasure spot.

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From the lingering taste of sweet Turkish delight on your tongue to views of the historic battlefield of Gallipoli, Turkey is a destination that you will never forget.

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Fairy Chimneys Travel is the leader in custom travel to Turkey from Australia.  Established in 2001, Fairy Chimneys Travel creates tailored travel experiences, ranging from luxury to budget tours that offer an inside look at the fascinating destination of Turkey. Fairy Chimneys Travel creates an authentic travel experience for you from our own Turkish origins. With years of expertise and knowledge of Turkey’s best travel destinations, we’ll design your own unique tour or help you choose from our exclusive range of Classic Turkey tours.

Fairy Chimneys Travel takes its name from the prehistoric cave structures in Cappadocia, Turkey. Dubbed ‘fairy chimneys’ because of their conical shape. You can now visit this intriguing destination that once housed ancient civilizations and early Christians who carved their dwellings from the rock formations. Where else in the world but Turkey can you sleep in a luxury cave hotel? Inspired by the Fairy Chimneys themselves, Fairy Chimneys Travel represents the very best of Turkey. A country with a rich, magical and ethereal history.

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